Advantages of Metal Roofing

You need a new roof. It’s been leaking for years. You tried patching it here and there, but it never stopped. You say it only rains, but it doesn’t stop raining, so let’s talk about your options.

Every year, thousands of homes are re-roofed with regular asphalt shingles. Installation contractors and conventional roofing manufacturers love it when customers continue to use the industry standard. Why? They have more job security than asphalt shingles, so they don’t last as long, especially in hot, cold, or windy coastal areas. You might say “Okay”, but that is not true. “I only want this thing to be done once, and I want it last.” Let’s now discuss the advantages of metal style roofing.

In many ways, metal roofs are superior to traditional roofing. One of the best things about steel roofs is that they don’t need to be replaced as often. Your new steel or metal roof could be the last one you buy for your home. Metal or steel roofs have a life expectancy that can easily exceed 50 years. In fifty years, how old will you be? Your painted steel roof won’t show signs of age.

The weight of metal roofing is another surprising aspect. Metal roofing is lighter than other types of roofing. You can install a metal roof easily over old asphalt shingles. You can save yourself the time and expense of tearing down your old roofing. This also helps to save space at your local landfill. Metal roofs can weigh between 50 and 150 pounds per 100 square feet. The average conventional roofing material weighs in the vicinity of 750 pounds per square foot. Metal roofs are much lighter than conventional roofing materials, which is surprising but not surprising.

Let’s say that you live in a rural forest area and have a very dry year. Then, suddenly, your neighbor panics when they see the forest fires burning. You didn’t have to worry because you had a new metal roof installed in spring. Metal roofs are non-combustible and are therefore rated “Class A”. Metal roofing is one of the best roofs you can buy. You can also have peace of mind during wildfire season. Another benefit of metal roofing is the “Class A fire status”.

Metal roofing can help you save money on your utility bills. The term cool metal roofing was invented a few years back. One smart person discovered that metal roofing with lighter colors reflects more sunlight, which allows heat to pass through your home. Many studies have been conducted since then and metal roofing has received “IR” ratings.

“Initial Solar Reflectivity” is the acronym for “Initial Solar Reflectivity”. Guess what? The best metal roofing is the lighter ones. Many lighter colors are approved by Energy Star. Metal roofing can help you save money, conserve energy, and protect the environment. Metal roofs may also be eligible for tax credits. The government will actually pay for your roof.

The best thing about metal roofing is its aesthetic appeal. It just looks great. You can transform the appearance of your home with metal roofing.

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